Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Tres

I am SO excited. Dad and I adopted Tres. I met Dad in Piney Woods, MS, where we were formally introduced. I am pleased to present Tres, our new Mustang. Isn't he beautiful! Just wait and see what he looks like after a little love and care :) We brought him home Friday evening, and this is his first outing on Monday. This is his first time to be led on a halter, and we are on the way to the round pen. So many firsts that initial week. I try to imagine what all must be going through his head.


  1. What a wonderful color! Tres is a gray, right?

  2. Wow!I remember Dale and Deuce last year!Matter of fact last year at the EMM was when i decided i wanted to do the Nebraska Yearling Edition this year!