Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tres - Supreme EMM Day 5

Day 5, May 12, 2010.... Dad and Tres are working together.... Dad had his radio on, as usual, when he is video recording. Of course he can't hear it in the round pen. Looks like the workout was choreographed to the song "Friends"... Amazing what you notice when you are reviewing the videos.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Tres

I am SO excited. Dad and I adopted Tres. I met Dad in Piney Woods, MS, where we were formally introduced. I am pleased to present Tres, our new Mustang. Isn't he beautiful! Just wait and see what he looks like after a little love and care :) We brought him home Friday evening, and this is his first outing on Monday. This is his first time to be led on a halter, and we are on the way to the round pen. So many firsts that initial week. I try to imagine what all must be going through his head.

Tres - Supreme EMM 2010 Day 3

I made a little video of Tres' first little tantrum..... Dad and I were wondering if we were gonna spend the night at the round pen.... This was on Day 3... So many firsts. First out of the stall, in the round pen, use of a haltar, and NOT IN CONTROL.... He was not a happy camper....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tres - Supreme EMM 2010 Pickup Day

Dad and I went to Piney Woods, MS, to pick up Tres (the third Mustang) on 05/07/10....

Let the fun begin :)